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The Basics Of Marketing For Mobile Apps

Marketing for mobile apps isn’t different from any other type of online promotion. You have to know your core target, their browsing habits and their needs, so that you can offer them what they want. Defining your target demographics is a matter of understanding who is the ideal user of your app. If your app […]

The Continued Success Of Mobile Marketing

Marketing today is going through major changes since the boom in smartphones have given businesses an entirely new place to spend their advertising dollars. Mobile marketing has become a multi-billion dollar business practically overnight thanks to emerging technology and the rise of the digital age. In just a matter of moments a business can send […]

Value Of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing has become the way of the future. It has become the way for a lot of businesses to earn more money than they have in the past with minimal costs to boot. It really is a great time to market in for most people and that is what differentiates the past with […]

The Value of Mobile Device Analytics

The number of mobile apps available on each platform is staggering. Google Play, the iTunes App store and even the Windows store are full of apps for almost every use imaginable. Discoverability is a huge issue, and even if you do manage to get people to take a look at your apps, you face the […]