Considerations To Make Before Using Wholesale Ground Beef Suppliers

Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Stereotypically, buying in bulk was reserved for restaurants and individuals living in rural areas; however, with increasing prices and decreasing disposable income, the concept of buying anything in bulk is becoming more prevalent in a person’s daily life. It is relatively simple to buy meat in bulk by contacting a wholesale supplier, but there are various considerations to make beforehand to ensure the product is suitable for consumption. This article will provide information on the points to take into account when dealing with wholesale ground beef suppliers, such as Eastern Meat Solutions.

1. Cost And Quality

The first concern for the majority of individuals is the cost of the ground beef – in fact, isn’t it rising costs that prompts wholesale purchase in the first place? When considering the cost of the meat, it is important to remember that quality food will be more expensive than a cheaper cut. This is true irrespective of whether you are purchasing directly from the wholesale supplier or from the supermarket. What’s the point of buying in bulk? Well, wholesale purchase is cheaper than buying single cuts but it is important to note that the very cheap meat is less likely to be of good quality. Keep this in mind when comparing the cost of different wholesale suppliers.

2. Quality Of The Supplier

Once you have determined the cost of the meat and whether or not it is affordable, it is highly recommended that you consider the quality of the supplier. It is possible that the supplier may be dishonest about the quality of their meat and you could be conned into purchasing quality meat when it is a cheap cut. How can you avoid this dishonesty? By reviewing their website, reading testimonials, and contacting the supplier directly. The testimonials will provide insight into the supplier’s customer service and how efficient they are. By contacting the supplier directly you will also be able to review their service first-hand and ask questions regarding their produce.

3. Food Standards Approval

In addition to discussion of the produce and reading reviews, it is highly recommended that you search for the company’s food standards approval certification. This is a government approved label and ensures that the wholesale supplier meets all requirements set by the food standards agency. If you are unable to locate the approval label on the packaging, it is advised you request a copy of the accreditation from the wholesale ground beef suppliers.

4. Meat Traceability

Meat traceability is a concept involving the ability to trace a meat product back to the place of production. It is a relatively new issue with little information, but is very beneficial to ensure responsibility for quality of meat products. Before purchasing any items from wholesale ground beef suppliers, it is highly recommended that you consult about the traceability policy.

Final Words On The Matter

Choosing a wholesale ground beef supplier can be rather overwhelming and there are factors to consider before making a decision on which supplier to use.