When To Make Use Of Wooden Crane Mats And How To Choose Quality Mats

Northern Mat

Northern Mat

For companies that deal with oil and gas exploration, construction, mining, and electricity transmission set-up and maintenance, quality and ample access to the sites of operation are important parts of their jobs. Even more important is the safety that accompanies the access to the site especially when heavy equipment such as cranes are involved in the operations. It is in such arduous environments that the importance of crane mats come to the forefront.

Deploying Crane Mats

There are a plethora of scenarios which necessitate the use of crane mats. One of them is in the construction of electricity grid line. It is typical for electrical lines to transverse parts of Canada where motorized access is non-existing. The use of cranes, which is necessary due to the nature of the job in such environment is very difficult since the ground is more often than not unstable. Crane mats come in handy, in that they provide a stabilizing platform for the heavy cranes to conduct their operation from.

The same scenario of instability of the site of operation is experienced in gas and oil exploration endeavors. Explorations for oil and gas takes companies to areas where access is non-existent. Using cranes in such environments is virtually impossible due to the inherent instability of the ground. Wooden crane mats are, therefore, the best option and solution that such companies can use.

Another environment that is prime for the use of wooden crane mats as access solution is a mining environment. Due to the nature of mining, creating permanent access roads within the mines, which are capable of withstanding the weight of cranes is not possible. Crane mats are thus the best option to afford the cranes access as well as a stable platform to conduct their operations.

One advantage of lumber crane mats is their affordability in providing safe, fast and reliable access solutions.

Choosing Wooden Crane Mats

For companies that operate in uncharted grounds frequently, purchasing their own mats is a good idea. In this regard, such companies should always have in mind what it takes to ensure that they make a purchase that is of value.

The mats should ideally be made of premium hardwoods, preferably Hem-Fir and Douglas fir. The size of the pieces of lumber used to make the mats should be ample enough to withstand the strenuous weight of cranes. Therefore, the sizes should be 12’x12’.

However, for companies that are not involved in working in such environment more frequently, hiring a company to provide the mat access solution is a far better option when compared with the acquisition of the system. There are many companies that offer access solution as an emergency service.

One of such companies is Northern Mat & Bridge, which provide access solution to companies that have hit a snag due to the conditions of the ground. Their services can be customized to meet your specific needs of crane operation due to their custom sized lumber. Beyond emergency access services, Northern Mat & Bridge is also capable of working with companies on a retainer basis, providing access solutions while companies focus on their endeavors.