Find Your Online Voice With Coaching Small Business

Impetus Consulting

Impetus Consulting

When it comes to being found online, it can feel like being the proverbial needle in a haystack. You are blogging, updating social media daily, and have even found your way onto YouTube.

Coaching small business is something that companies such as CrazyLister, who specialize in eBay businesses, and Impetus Consulting have in common. While one is dedicated entirely to helping the small fish find their customers in the big eBay pond, Impetus Consulting is esteemed for its ability to help small businesses navigate much like a note in a bottle finding its way through the ocean to its intended recipient.

It sounds dramatic, but these days the importance of a specially attuned and skilled online marketing mentor is as vital as knowing how to write a business plan that woos investors. Without the solid helping hand and understanding of the minutia of the online landscape, you may just as well smash that glass bottle against a crag and call it a day.

Identify And Focus On Your Audience
As it turns out, not everyone will need your services or products. And, this is an important first step in recognizing who your business serves by understanding what it does not do. For instance, a plumber in Houston, Texas, is not going to venture far from the region.

It means his plumbing services will be marketed to the geographic area he serves. In addition, someone who sells a special Maya blue clay bead that crafters love will probably sell well on Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. More than that, though, they need to establish their own brand on their own site.

From there, the vendor needs to know where their beaders are going to buy their supplies. Is to large retailers such as Michael’s? Then it may help to make goals that continue to expand the reach of the product through different avenues — whether online or in a physical store.

The Coaching Small Business Role
The role of a small business coach is to assist in narrowing down options to the ones that are most powerful to support your goals. They further help solidify direction, tactics, and strategy to make the goals of finding and selling to your unique buyers a reality time and again.

What To Look For In A Coach
The Internet changes quickly. Find the expert who has grown a business or multiple businesses online, and can prove they are able to duplicate their efforts. In addition, find the people who are willing to share what they know.

For instance, Victor at CrazyLister sells his time on an online expert site. In a short period of time, he offers a lot of information. For one, did you know that it is better to leave a posting on eBay and only list as “good until canceled” to avoid getting dinged by the internal rating system? That is the type of information that makes or breaks a business.

Look for a proven expert. They will be able to guide you for the best chance at success.