Tips For Picking The Right Table Covers

Table covers are a vital aspect of the holiday experience in most households. They act as a distinct way to show interior design prowess and holiday flare, but most importantly, they are decorative tools that unify the pieces of the table setting. When picked and set properly, a table cover can ideally act as a practical decoration that protects the table while reducing the noise levels in a crowded room. To help you pick the right table linen for your next occasion, we have outlined a few tips in this read.

The Right Table Cover

There are various elements that you should take into account when choosing table covers including color, texture, pattern and visual weight.


This is an element that changes the table mood setting without interfering with the tableware. Colors like green and blue, mix with the tableware with greyish hues. Yellow or red colors, on the other hand, compliment tableware with earthen or yellowish undertones. The event usually impacts color choices and so, you can improvise and utilize colored glassware or utensils in order to create distinct combinations that boost the visual environment.

Visual Weight

This relates to the size of the table in comparison to the size of the room. Your table cover choice can easily mask or accentuate the space the table seems to occupy. In a big room, linen woven with large and tightly arranged patterns is recommended in order to avoid a setting that appears to be lost. In a small room, you may want to look for a lightly-colored cover that’s woven with an airy or well-spaced pattern.


This refers to the primary focal point or the prevailing design element. The right table cover accents the primary color, texture and pattern of the tableware and room decor. It is usually advisable to pick a design that engages with the space’s surrounding design elements and at the same time highlighting your dishware colors.


The texture of your table linen needs to relate to the finish of the tableware as well as the dining event. Smooth weaves go well with fine surfaces like bone china, porcelain, semi-porcelain, silver plate, ironstone, stainless steel and silver. Loosely woven and heavy cloths lend a more ‘earthy’ feel and are ideal for coarse textures like stoneware, pewter flatware and pottery.


Table cover patterns range from small to large, subtle to bold and each design is ideal for a particular event or setting. It is up to you to know which pattern best matches your dining style and your dinnerware. For a formal event, the best table linen patterns are small and subtle. The patterns shouldn’t detract from tableware abundance. These patterns usually give a sleek and smooth appeal that accentuates the table setting lustre. If the event is informal and you’re dining in a room with appealing wallpapers and patterned or bold pieces, then solid-covered table linen can be ideal for accentuating the decor.

With these tips, you should be able to pick the right tablecloth for your event. For your table linen needs, check out Mammoth Imaging.