The Continued Success Of Mobile Marketing

img mobile smart phoneMarketing today is going through major changes since the boom in smartphones have given businesses an entirely new place to spend their advertising dollars. Mobile marketing has become a multi-billion dollar business practically overnight thanks to emerging technology and the rise of the digital age.

In just a matter of moments a business can send out thousands of text messages advertising their latest promotional offerings. This instant form of communication in real-time enables a business to capture the attention of a consumer within minutes, sometimes even seconds! They can tailor their messages to the preference of the consumer and also send different promotional offerings depending on the time of year.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to mobile marketing that is sure to be positive going forward. SMS marketing is the wave of the future since smartphones have become the dominant form of communication over the last ten years.

The mobile marketing platform is doing very well in North America and Western Europe thanks to self-regulation and guidelines put in place that marketers should follow. When the internet first started to pick up steam in the nineties there were a lot of email spam. This still continues today but not nearly as bad as it once was. Mobile marketers want to get away from that and have their consumers only opt-in to receive messages.

The beauty of marketing through mobile is that can be in real-time where the advertising can change their message on a daily basis to fit the latest trends. With print advertising you don’t get that, which is why digital technology that captures the eye of the consumer is what will sell going forward.

The success of mobile marketing has brought on new forms of advertising, and with emerging technology and new digital platforms being created, you can expect revenues to keep going higher.